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Starting From INR 43,900 | 3night 4days

Nepal Ample Tour to view Annapurna,
the Himalayas The ancient cities Kathmandu and Pokhara 3 night 4days

Visit the ancient cities in the World Heritage Site and view the Himalayas from the observatory place (hill of Pokhara) make you enjoy Nepal in full! By option, the Everest Mountain Flight can be booked. “Saiyu Nepal Trekking & Expedition” responds to your orders in local.


  City Itinerary



(Bound to Kathmandu from Delhi by the morning flight)
After arrival ad Kathmandu, meet a guide and move to the domestic air terminal.  Bound on a domestic flight to a scenic spot Pokhara.  After arrival, a guide will meet you . Enjoy touring Pokhara (strolling in Devi's Fall and Old Bazaar area, boat tour on Phewa Lake, etc.)  

Meals: Dinner Overnight: in (Stay-in) Pokhara



In the early morning, drive to the hill of Sarangkot.  Climb up the hill for 30 minutes to the observatory place.  If it is fine, you enjoy the panorama view of Annapurna and Himalayas on the hill in altitude 1,592m.  Then, head to the airport.  You will go back to Kathmandu.  For lunch, savor a specialty “Himarayan Soba.” in Kathmandu. In the afternoon, tour the World Heritage Site the Kathmandu valley.  Enjoy strolling Tibetan Buddhism Temple Swayambhunath, Durbar Square and Thamel area.  In the evening, savor the Thibetian food cooked in a pot Gyakok.    

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Overnight: in (Stay-in) Kathmandu



In all day, tour the Kathmandu Valley.  Patan and Bhaktapur are the World Heritage Sites and the ancient cities.  Their townscapes are in the Newari architecture style are beautiful.  Also, visit Pashupatinath has ghats and Tibetan Buddhism Temple Boudhanath (Bouddhanath).  Lunch at the restaurant “Café Nyatapola” of which building is Newari architecture style in the ancient city Bhaktapur.  For dinner, savor the traditional Nepali meal and Nepali ethnic dance.    

<Option tour>
In this morning, it can be arranged Everest Mountain Flight or Nagarkot Sunrise Tour by option.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Overnight: in (Stay-in) Kathmandu



In the morning, have free time.
Then, see you off at the airport.
(In the afternoon, bound to Delhi)

<Optional Tour>
In the morning on Day 4, it can be arranged Everest Mountain Flight or Nagarkot Sunrise Tour by option.

Meals: Breakfast

*On a flight between Delhi and Kathmandu, we could adjust and change the tour sites and estimate the costs, accordingly.

Price per person <Land Package Price> [Please choose one of 3 hotel plans below]

The following prices are not included in the round-trip Air fares between cities in India and Kathmandu.  If you want to buy them, we could introduce the best rate on the day.

Hotel Plan Number of people Price (INR)
Boutique Hotel Plan 2
(1 twin/double room)
INR 43,900/-
(1 room)
INR 64,000/-
Superior Hotel Plan 2
(1 twin/double room)
INR 47,000/-
(1 room)
INR 72,000/-
Delux Hotel Plan 2
(1 twin/double room)
INR 48,600/-
(1 room)
INR 74,500/-

※Above mentioned prices are effective for the period from 1st April 2014 to 30th September 2014. On the trip other than that period, please enquire us.
※On the charge of additional room in case 2 people and more trip together, please enquire us.
※On the charges for 3 people and more, for children younger than 12 year old, and for an extra bed, please enquire us separately.
※If the exchange quotation rates (to US$) is drastically changed, the tour prices may be changed, accordingly. Please confirm on it when you apply.
※The above mentioned prices would be added up the service taxes 3.5% of India’s Government Tax.


Above mentioned prices are inclusive of:

  • A private car and a guide mentioned in the itinerary | Entrance fees at sites mentioned in the itinerary | Accommodations and service charges mentioned in the itinerary | Meals (BF 3, LN 2, DN 3)

Above mentioned prices are exclusive of:

Round-trip Air fares between cities in India and Kathmandu | Fees to obtain Nepal Visa (Enable to obtain at the Kathmandu Airport US$25) | Tips to the guide, porter and driver | Personal expenses (drinks, phone calls, laundry, medicine, etc.)

Hotels for Boutique Hotel Plan

Kathmandu  - Kantipur Temple House Standard Room specified
Pokhara - Pokhara Grande

Hotels for Superior Hotel Plan

Kathmandu  - Hotel de l’Annapurna Delux Room specified
Pokhara - Pokhara Grande

Hotels for Delux Hotel Plan

Kathmandu  - Hotel Hyatt Regency)Standard Room specified
Pokhara - Pokhara Grande

※The above hotel plans are one example.  We could arrange to book a guest house in Thamel area and the characteristic hotels in a city and in a suburb, and the luxury hotels. We could confirm an availability of booking and estimate the costs, so please contact us for enquiring.

Optional Plan

Everest Mountain Flight

A dynamic sightseeing flight to view Mt. Everest high up in the sky!
If you want to tour by a mountain flight that is operated from the capital city Kathmandu, we could arrange to book it for you in the morning on Day 2.  Accordingly, some tour items scheduled would be exchanged for it. 

Everest Mountain Flight Price (INR)
Air Ticket
(Inclusive of Airport Tax US$3.00)
INR 12,900/-

Drive to and from the airport by a sedan type private car
(Three people can ride in)

INR 1,400/-

Drive to and from the airport by a wagon type private car
(Five people can ride in)

INR 2,100/-

Nagarkot Sunrise Tour

Go to the observatory place for the Himalayas!  Head to the very famous observatory place is said as “Sunrise = Nagarkot.”  Depart in the early morning and overnight at Nagarkot to wait the dawn.  Enjoy viewing the great panorama of the Himalayas is brightened up by the morning sunlight.  In the early morning, the scenery of Nagarkot is most beautiful.  The Himalayas ranging 200km from east to west and Mt. Everest in the east, Mt. Dorje Lakpa in front and Annapurna in the west are floated up at dawn.

Nagarkot Sunrise Tour Price (INR)
Price for one person (by a private car) Please contact us for enquiring.

※The above mentioned prices would be added up the service taxes 3.5% of India’s Government Tax.

Our way of tripping

Ideal tour to “Know Nepal” in 3 night 4 days stay

  • This course is to visit the must-see places in the World Heritage Site “Kathmandu Valley” and guide to a scenic spot Pokhara for Annapurna and the Himalayas.  Further, by option, enjoy the sunrise tour on the hill of Nagarkot or get a chance for “Everest Mountain Flight”!

Enjoy the Nepali Cousin - Consider Japanese Favorable Taste -

The characteristics of Nepali meals are not much hot as Indian’s and the ingredients include a lot of vegetable, so Japanese can easily eat them.  In general, curry, daal (cooked beans) and fried vegetables are the side dishes, and the main dishes are the cooked “Indica rice” is not sticky, nan and, chapatti .  In this tour, enjoy the evening of “Nepali Cousin” at a restaurant performing the ethnic dance in the various local areas.  In addition, savor the Himalayan soba made of Nepali buckwheat flour is popular and said tasty, and Gyakok is a Tibetan vegetable cooked in a pot.

We could arrange what you want to do on a trip related.
Please consult us about an order made travel plan, as well.

We could arrange to extend your stay in a hotel, to book the side trips for Everest Mountain Flight, Pokhara, the Chitwan National Park and the Everest region (Lukla).  Please contact us for consulting.

In Kathmandu, “Saiyu Nepal Trekking & Expedition” welcomes you to the country, so please feel easy!

The local arrangement in Nepal is accepted by (assigned to) “Saiyu Nepal Trekking & Expedition” that is an affiliated company of SAIYU India.
  • SAIYU Nepal is an affiliated company of SAIYU India and our communication is done smoothly. Troubles such as flight delay would be well dealth with.
    ●On the arrival, 1 bottle of mineral water per person is served on free.

    We could arrange and book an additional tour arrangement such as the meals, the Everest Mountain Flight, etc. (In the high season from October to the New-Year Holiday, it may be difficult to book if inquired just short time before your departure, so please contact and request us as early as possible.)

  • Tibetan Buddhism Temple Swayambhunath

  • An ancient city Patan is called as “City of Beauty”.

  • A girl in Patan

  • The popular café restaurant in the ancient city Bhaktapur “Cafe Nyatapola”

  • Please try to taste once The specialty Himalayan Soba

  • Tibetan food cooked in a pot Gyakok

The admired wonders..!!!

Kathmandu: walk in the ancient capital city of the World Heritage Site

The ancient city is designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.
Kathmandu is the capital city in Nepal and the population is about 700,000. The nickname is “Kantipur” (means Glory City in Sanskrit). In 1990, it has been growing rapidly at the incident of democratization. As a capital city, it may be rather small, but is the largest city in Nepal. Being in the townscape made of bricks, you feel as if you went back to the middle age. Small temples are spread around the city has enough atmosphere as a religious city. This city makes Japanese naturally feel nostalgic and reminisce about the good old days. In the past, this city Kathmandu was called “Nepal”. At present, the people in the farm villages say “I will go to Nepal” that means “I will go to Kathmandu”. As it cannot be said without seeing Kathmandu you see Nepal, the city Kathmandu is a must-see place in once in a life.
  • Sculpture of Kal Bhairab jn the Durbar Square

  • Pottery Square in Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur - The City Of Devotees -

Bhaktapur is established (constructed) by King Anand Dev in the year 889 AD. Later, between 12-18 centuries, it was flourishing as one of capital cities. The city was also called “Bhadgaon” (The City Of Devotees), is the representative ancient city in the Kathmandu Valley as same as Kathmandu. This Bhaktapur remains the townscape built in the middle age the best among the cities of Newari tribe. Compare to the noisy Kathmandu, Bhaktapur stands on the hill in the farm land and is a small quiet town with the population 220 thousands having relaxed atmosphere. About 80 % of citizens are Wari tribe and engage themselves in farming.
The great earthquake in 1934 destroyed many temples, monasteries and private houses. After 1970, the reconstruction of the city processed and the Newari tribe’s splendid architectures and sculptures can be seen today, which are proud of in the world. Strolling around the townscape built with red bricks makes you feel mysterious as if you were in the middle age. Also, in the fine day, you can view the Himalayas.

Pokhara -The town views Annapurna-

Pokhara is located 200km in the west sfrom Kathmandu. The name “Pokhara” comes from the Nepali “Pokari” (Lake). As its name, the town has the beautiful lakes; Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake of which water source is the Annapurna glacier.  Its altitude is 827m compare to Kathmandu is low and its climate is warmer than Kathmandu’s.  Near this low altitude town, the mountains in altitude 8,000ms’ stand up.  The town and the great mountains compose the rare scenery in the world.  For example, Machhapuchhre (Machhapuchchhre) (6,993m) is 28 km from the Phewa Lake.  Between them, there is no mountain stands.  This town is celebrated because in the low-level ground, you can look the Himalayas just in front of you.  This town is not only for the base town for trekkers, but for a resort is very popular where people can have relaxed time staying around the Phewa Lake viewing the Himalayas.

Pokhara -The town views Annapurna-