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Saiyu India and our customers

Saiyuindia.com is a website operated under complete control and supervision of Saiyu India Travels Pvt Ltd. This website and its services are extended to its users only if they accept all our terms and conditions without any manipulations or modifications.
These are our standard guidelines, but in times of offers and discounts, if the temporary terms and conditions conflict with our standard ones, then only the standard ones should rule.


As part of our “Intellectual Property Rights”, all the information displayed on our website is owned and controlled by us. It is available to users for information awareness and downloading it for personal purposes only. Selling of this content, re-furbishing for any commercial or monetary benefits are strict violations of IP rights and is liable to be punishable under the law.  
Also, we have tried our best to maintain the accuracy and authenticity of the information posted on our website, but we do not take guarantee of the same. Any losses or damage arising out of incomplete and omitted information would not be accepted by us.
Saiyu India holds the right to amend any information and functionality of the website without prior notice.


Kindly refer to each section of services and tour packages individually as booking terms and conditions vary for every one of them depending upon the location, number of days, season (Peak or non-peak) and the medium of transportation.


Use of this website and its information is entirely at user’s risk. Speed of accessing the website, or any consequential damage or loss is not governed by us and hence we shall not accept its responsibility.